We remanufacture failed and underperforming PV modules and provide free audits for PV condition evaluation.

We offer competitively priced refurbished PV modules, for both utility and residential markets, with a 10-year functional warranty.


We provide unique services.

Revive PV offers a complete remanufacturing solution for both utility and residential markets with failed and underperforming panels. We aim to help customers get failed panels fully operational again in the field as soon as possible. With a world class dedicated refurbishment facility in Tampa, Florida having excellent road and rail access, we can source panels from projects throughout the United States.

In addition to remanufacturing services, we also provide audit services for customers wishing to understand the reasons and extent of panel failure/underperformance in their projects.

PV panel components.

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Common failures in PV panels.

Backsheet cracks represent 70% of all PV failures. Broken glass, delamination and poor string connection are common issues that can cause failure. Discover more about the most common issues that cause failures here.